How To Use CopyScape Plagiarism Detection To Checks Content Originality

How To Use CopyScape Plagiarism Detection To Checks Content Originality

Among many other online plagiarism detector, Copyscape is also an online plagiarism detector software which can be used to know who is copying from your blog post and using your RSS feed to create an auto RSS blog. Although Google takes copy content spam very seriously nowadays, but sometimes the search engine algorithm responsible for detecting copyright content may not be accurate, as a result of which it makes Google treat some copied content as original, and if this happens you may lose your supposed search engine ranking because of copied content.
You must know which blog or blogs that are copying your contents before you can fight them to make sure that such content does not appear on the search engine, this is why Copyscape is important.

Copyscape Usage

Copyscape offers both free and premium service. While the free version gives a maximum of 10 result, the premium gives unlimited results. For a start you may start with the free version, if convinced then you can subscribe to the premium version of Copyscape service.

Simply go to and paste your blog page or post address and click “GO“, its as simple as that.

After clicking on Go, the next page you will see the result of webpages which has copied posts from your blog.

Once you have found out blogs copying your site contents, next you may do is to report to their Web hosting company, blogging platform, or even get it removed from Google search.

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