How To Redirect Your Blogspot Traffic To Another Blog

How To Redirect Your Blogspot Traffic To Another Blog
(Last Updated On: June 27, 2017)

Do you have a good blogspot traffic you left behind?
Most leading blogs today started their blogging career with blogspot blog (Blogger) and later migrated to a self hosted blog such as WordPress, and end up changing the blog URL.
Now what happens to the blogspot traffic, hope you won’t let it go just like that.

How about if the niche of your old blogspot do not fit in your new blog niche what will you do, you may not want to migrate it, rather you should redirect all you old traffic to you new blog. Also you may have an abandoned blogspot account – you can as well redirect its traffic to you new blog.

This is what you should do;

How to redirect your blogspot traffic to another blog

Step 1

Open your blogspot admin panel and click on “Theme” after it loads click on “Edit HTML

See image below:

Step 2

Once the HTML loads ; look for the line that has the code below

In the next line after the code above add to code below:

See image below:

Remember to replace “”¬†with your blog URL

Click on “Save” When You are done.

Step 3

To enable the redirect on all mobile devices, click on the “Gear” icon under mobile as shown on the image below.

The mobile option may depend on your theme.

After clicking on the gear icon you will get a pop-up as shown below

Select “No, Show desktop theme on mobile devices” and then click on “Save

You are good to go. All traffic you left behind on you blogspot blog will now be redirected to your new blog.

If someone enters your Blogspot URL, after it loads it will immediately reload back to your new blog.

Hope you have no challenges with this, if you encounter any issue please do comment it below.

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