6 Great Places To Buy and Sell Your Website and Make Huge Profit

6 Great Places To Buy and Sell Your Website and Make Huge Profit
(Last Updated On: July 27, 2017)

Most people ask “how to sell your website” No doubt buying and selling of websites and domains has for a while been a good source of jumbo income for some people, especially web developers who has taking this avenue to add extra cash to their bank balance.

This type of business is known as Website Flipping. People who are engaged in it creates amazing and attractive websites especially blogs of different niche and sale at a vary high price. The buyers will either make use of the site or can even sale it at a higher price.

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Top 6 Places to Buy and Sell Websites

1) Flippa

2) BuySellWebsite

3) InternetCompanyForSale

4) WesiteAcquire

5) WebsiteBroker

6) FreeMarket

Factors that determines the price a website is to be sold

1) Site traffic: the higher the site traffic the higher the price.

2) Members and visitors Engagement: the higher site members or visitors engagement the more expensive the site should be.

3) Site earnings: a site should the traded at a price more than its site 2 years earning.

4) Site ranking: the better the site ranking, the better the site will be. Therefore, better ranking should lead to better higher price.

5) Number of backlinks: this also contributes to site ranking, the more the backlinks the better.

6) Site age: sometimes the age of a site gives the site a dominating preference, therefore making it more expensive.

7) Domain name: some preferred domain name are just much expensive and can be sold for thousands of dollars.

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