How To Change WhatsApp Font Color

How To Change WhatsApp Font Color
(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)

On This Post We Will Learn How To Change WhatsApp Font Color

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app on earth. People uses WhatsApp mostly on their smart phones. Also, WhatsApp is available on all operating system, such as Android, IOS, even on the web for PC users too.

In recent days there are many WhatsApp text tricks available, but in this guide, we will focus on how to change WhatsApp font color.

Lots of WhatsApp users do a search for WhatsApp Tricks and run more than one WhatsApp in a singular phone. Many WhatsApp users also download third-party app of WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus for more advanced WhatsApp features. But some users due to safety and privacy reasons don’t make use the third party WhatsApp app.

The official WhatsApp app can only change the font size. But there is no option to change the text colour.
But do you know that In WhatsApp you can actually send a message in blue color with another app. You can also send colored text in WhatsApp. Here is how to change WhatsApp font colour.

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Steps on How To Change WhatsApp Font Color

First, you need to download a font changer app from Google Play Store.

There are lots of font changer app available in Google Play Store, some of them allow you to change the WhatsApp font color.

Simply download WhatsBlue text or Cool fonts for WhatsApp and Text.

Change WhatsApp Font Color

How to download and install WhatsBlue from Play Store

Play Store

After downloading and installing the WhatsBlue app,

Here are the steps you will follow to change WhatsApp font color

1. Open your WhatsBlue text ( Fancy Text Generator Pro)

2. Then type your message in WhatsBlue text app. After typing, you there will be a blue color font text in the app, also there are many other fonts in this app.

3. Simply Tap on Blue Text fonts to send a message in the Blue color font.

Change WhatsApp Font Color

4. You will see three options – which are Copy text, WhatsApp text, and Share text. Tap on WhatsApp text to send WhatsApp message.

Change WhatsApp Font Color

5. After which, WhatsApp app will be open your will then choose the friend you want to send a message. The app also allows you to use in other messaging apps.

Change WhatsApp Font Color


This is an easy way to send WhatsApp message in blue color. There are also many other fonts available in the app. You can also download another app from Google Play Store to do this. Many apps are in Google Play Store to change the font of WhatsApp. You can also use this app to change the fonts in other messaging service.

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