How To Add More Email Accounts To Andriod Device

How To Add More Email Accounts To Andriod Device
(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

Do you wish to add more Email accounts to andriod device?
Most of us especially those into online business have more than one just an Email account. Good news, Gmail app now allows you to add additional email account either from a Gmail account or other email providers like Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Live and others. It will enable you to manage all your email accounts under one platform, you no longer have download different apps to manage each of your emails or keep logging in and out from your browsers.

How to add more email accounts to andriod device with Gmail app.

1) Tap the Gmail icon in your android device to open Gmail.

2) If you are not logged in, enter your username and password of one of your Gmail account.

3) If logged in, Tap on drop down shown on left top corner just after your email id, and select “Settings“.

4) Next, Tap on “Add account” listed on the drop down options

5) It will display options of some email provider, tap on the email provider you wish to add its email (i.e. tap on Yahoo if you wish to add a Yahoo email to your gmail app) or tap “others” if your email provider is not listed

6) An option will show up requiring you to add existing or new email (This option is only for those adding a Gmail account) tap on “existing” if you have another Gmail account you need to add or tap on “new” to create a new Gmail right there.

7) Enter the credentials of the email you want to add correctly and accept the terms. And that is all, the new email will be added to you Gmail app.

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Congratulations, isn’t it so easy, were you expecting more steps? With this even if you have 10 email accounts you can easily manage them all with ease under Gmail app, all you need to do is to add it.

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