How to Change From IPv4 to IPv6 in Windows

How to Change From IPv4 to IPv6 in Windows
(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

IPv4 and IPv6 are simply internet protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and Version 6 (IPv6). Nowadays, most of the computers have IPv6 enabled, this is because IPv6 is capable of handling more network traffic more than IPv4. IPv6 was developed to overcome on the issues and weakness of IPv4. The IPv4 and IPv6 are responsible for providing system address and location of the system on network.

Sometimes we may need to test some applications in IPv4 and IPv6 enabled systems to confirm our newly developed applications are working fine in both IPv4 or IPv6. If an application runs fine in IPv4 that does not mean it will run as expected in IPv6 and vice versa. To perform such task a system already have IPv4 enabled we can change the setting and could enable IPv6 and vice versa.

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How to enable or disable IPv4 or/and IPv6 in Windows.

1) Click on “Start” button and click “Control Panel“.

2) In the control panel click on “Network and Internet

3) After which click on “Network and Sharing Center

4) Then click on “Change adapter settings” on left side on your screen

5) If you are connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), right click on “Local Area Connection“,if connected to a Wireless then right click on “Wireless Network Connection

6) Click on “Properties“, it may ask you to enter a password. Enter your PC password and click on “OK“.

7) A network property window will display after clicking on “Properties

By default either IPv4 or/and IPv6 will be enabled, here IPv4 is enabled, on the window you can select or even deselect the checkbox of IPv4 or/and IPv6 to enable or disable.

8) Select your choice and click on “OK” it will enable or disable the IPv4 or IPv6 settings of your network base on you choice.

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