How to Protect Word Documents With Password

How to Protect Word Documents With Password
(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

This Post Will Educate You  On How To Protect Word Documents With A Password

Sometimes its just very necessary to protect your documents, especially if the documents are meant to be confidential, you would not want unauthorized people to gain access.

How about if your computer is been used by few of your friends, would you deny it from them just because you have some vital information which you don’t want them to see.

Why not just add password to your word documents, and prevent people from viewing it. By so doing, anyone who can gain access to the documents are those you gave the password.

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Follow steps below to set a password for your word documents;

1) Open the Microsoft Word document

2) Click on “File” menu shown on the top left of your document.

3)  After which, Click on “Info” in the listed options.

4) Next click on “Protect Document”.

5) Then click on “Encrypt with Password” in the options as well.

6) Enter an easy to remember password.

7) Click “OK” button,  Re-enter the same password and click “OK” button again to finish.

Now you has successful added password to your word document, you must enter the correct password before you can view or edit the document.

Note: I discovered this feature from Office 2013 and later version and am not so certain if the previous versions has the same feature. Please check and comment if you have the previous versions of Microsoft Office.

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