Categories and the Importance of WordPress Categories

Categories and the Importance of WordPress Categories
(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

This article contains all the necessary information about WordPress categories and categories in other blogging platform.

What is a Blog Category

One of the predefined taxonomies in WordPress is Categories. Categories in WordPress and other blogging platforms are used for easy sorting and grouping of contents into sections.

A site or blog that is publishes its contents on a variety of topics may decide to divide their site into sections, and this can be achieved with the help of categories.

For instance: An entertainment blog may have categories for articles filed under Gossip, Celebrities, Fashions, Events, Jokes and so on.

If no category is specified for a blog post then the post is automatically go into the default category, but you can still change the post category if you wish to. For those using the WordPress platform, the WordPress default category is named “Uncategorized”, also open to be renamed.  The WordPress site admin can change default category from Settings » Writing. A post in WordPress can be filed under multiple categories and as well multiple tags can be added too.

How to Add Categories in WordPress

Categories can be created in WordPress while writing a post. A categories meta box exist on the post editor screen with a list of existing categories, allowing you to add a new categories.

see image below:

You can also choose to add a category directly from the Posts » Categories links on the screen. Provide a category name, you can add a Slug if you want to. If its a child category you are creating then choose a parent category which the child category will be under. You can also provide a description for the category you are creating and click on Add New Category button.

see image below:

How to Edit and Delete Categories in WordPress

You can edit the WordPress categories from Posts » Categories links. On the page move your mouse on the category you want to edit and click on Edit, an editor where you will change name, slug, add or remove the parent category, add description and so on.

From the same screen you can also delete categories. Note that deleting will not delete posts categorized under it. Rather, posts under the deleted categories will be moved to the default. Also note that the default category is not be deleted.

see image below:


How to Display Categories in WordPress

WordPress categories can be displayed in your WordPress sidebar using the categories widget. To do this, go to Appearance » Widgets then drag and drop Categories widget into the sidebar you want it to appear.  After this is done, the list of all your will be shown in the sidebar, except for the categories that have no posts filed under them.

WordPress categories can also added to your site using navigational menus. To do this, go to Appearance » Menus, then click on Categories, select the categories you want to add to the menu and then click on Add to Menu. After this is done,the categories you added will be display on you blog menu – giving each individual page of their own.

Importance of Categories in WordPress Blogs

  • Good for Search Engine Optimization
  • It improves blog User Experience
  • Helps in easy sorting of blog content
  • It ease content grouping by arranging them in sec blog content.


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